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PROMINENT Booth (3m X 3m)RM7,500*
NORMAL Booth (3m x 3m)RM6,500*
All booths come with:
∙ Standard shell scheme booth ∙ 1 x Information Counter ∙ 2 x Foldable chair ∙ 1 x 13amp Power point ∙ 1 x Waste basket
*Price/Booth is not inclusive of 6% GST.
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Bag & Luggage
Electrical Appliance
Fashion, Watch & Jewellery
Gadget & Communication
Home & Healthy Living
Kid & Toy
Massages Chair & Fitness Equipment
Travel Agency

  1. Merchants are allowed to select one (1) category only.
  2. Maybank reserves the rights to reject merchant's participation in the event if merchants fail to comply to the terms and guidelines provided and agreed upon.

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Terms & Conditions
Booth allocation Terms and Conditions
  1. All merchants are required to own or open a Current Account with Maybank as a compulsory requirement.
  2. Maybank reserves the absolute right to accept or decline participation and booth allocation is subject to final approval from Maybank.
  3. Merchants will be expecting email(s) for:
    1. Acknowledgement email - only to verify that Maybank had received your registration and it will be processed accordingly.
    2. Confirmation email – to confirm that your booth reservation has been approved and allocated accordingly by Maybank.
  4. Booth rental full payment must be made within 15 days upon receipt of confirmation email. If payment is not made thereafter the allocated booth will be open for other merchants.
  5. Allocation of booth is on a first-come-first-serve basis and is at Maybank management's sole discretion.
Terms of Payment
  1. Booth rental cheques are made payable to "Malayan Banking Berhad".
  2. Booth will only be confirmed upon full payment.
  3. Booth rental fees paid are not refundable.

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For further enquiries, please call our official event organiser, Intigus Sdn Bhd , at +603-78323818.

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